The most beautiful beaches in the province of Trapani
The province of Trapani is a very interesting destination not only for the artistic and naturalistic beauties it hosts, but also for its beautiful beaches bathed by a calm and crystalline sea. A variety of stretches of coast that satisfy any need, but which has the beauty of the place in which to relax or enjoy some activity in common. Let’s get to know in detail the most beautiful beaches in the area of ​​the Sicilian city.

San Giuliano Beach
Among the most famous beaches in the Trapani area is that of San Giuliano, belonging to the Trapani municipality of Erice.

It is a beach with a sandy and shallow bottom, therefore ideal for families with small children and who want to entertain their children at the sea without taking risks. It is one of the most sandy points of the coast in the province of Trapani, bathed by extremely clear water.

Three Fountains Beach
If the itinerary includes a stop at the ancient city of Selinunte, the beach of Tre Fontane is nearby. It has some features in common with the rest of the Trapani coast, which are very fine sand and crystal clear water, but it also has a particularity, namely the fresh water springs.

A stretch of coast ideal for a long walk, but also for practicing some sporting activities with friends.

Triscina di Selinunte beach
Remaining in the Selinunte area, a beach to visit absolutely is that of the Trapani municipality of Triscina. A golden beach, fine and very long and which embraces a crystalline sea with a shallow seabed. So much space for bathers, able to carry out different types of activities.

Spiaggia Marinella di Selinunte
Near the ancient Sicilian city are the Marinella Beaches, corresponding to a large ocher-colored coastline. This stretch of coast includes the Acropolis Beaches (which are located just a step away from the remains of Selinunte) and La Pineta, located within a nature reserve.

Playa di Castellammare del Golfo
Among the beaches belonging toCastellammare del Golfo it is the most famous. An ideal stretch for a holiday with friends as well as for couples or families, given the various services offered such as sun loungers, umbrellas and pedal boat and canoe rental and the dense presence of bars and restaurants.

Cornino Bay
In the province of Trapani, as can be clearly seen from the numerous beaches mentioned above, the stretch of coast is mainly sandy. For people who prefer a beach characterized by rocks as well as sand, an interesting option is the Cornino Bay. It is located at the foot of Mount Cofano and near the Mangiapane Cave (where finds dating back to the Neolithic period have been found). The proximity to the Monte Cofano nature reserve gives this beach a more “pristine” aura than other stretches of coast.

Riserva dello Zingaro
To visit a more particular place, not being satisfied with the “simple” and yet beautiful beach, you need to go to the Riserva dello Zingaro. It is one of the most beautiful nature reserves in all of Sicily, located in the territory that belongs to the Trapani municipalities of Castellammare del Golfo and San Vito Lo Capo.

It owes this fame to the presence of wonderful coves bathed by a spectacular sea, but also to large quantities of native species of flora and fauna and the presence of caves with Paleolithic era finds. In short, a show for all tastes, which deserves to be visited.

San Vito Lo Capo beach
When it comes to Trapani beaches to visit it is absolutely impossible not to mention San Vito Lo Capo, one of the most famous beaches not only in the Trapani province but in the whole of Sicily.

Golden sand and transparent waters, with a shallow seabed in the first meters near the coast and then becoming deeper and deeper and therefore satisfying every type of need. While friends and families can have fun near the shore even with small children, offshore there are spectacular backdrops that can arouse the interest of scuba divers.

Beach of Punta Tramontana
It rises within a naturalistic area, located near Marsala. Like many other beaches in the area, it is bathed by a transparent sea, which can be easily compared to that of the Caribbean islands. This stretch of coast, however, has an aspect that distinguishes it from others in the vicinity, namely the white color of the sand (which in most cases is instead golden). A peculiarity that can push tourists to choose this beach over others.

Marausa beach
Another beautiful beach is that of Marausa, which is located in front of the Egadi Islands. In comparison with the nearby beaches it certainly does not look bad, for the beauty of this stretch of coast and for the fact that it is next to a very calm stretch of sea.

What differentiates it from the others is the water temperature, much higher than usual standards.