Along the Mediterranean coast in the South East of Sicily, 30 km from Ragusa and 6 km from Santa Croce Camerina, is the hamlet of Punta Secca. This small fishing village is also called by the inhabitants “a sicca” due to the presence of a cliff that develops in front of the eastern beach.

The beach of Punta Secca

With a mild climate throughout the year, pristine and free beaches, dreamy sunsets over the sea, Punta Secca is one of the most famous seaside resorts of Santa Croce Camerina. The fine and golden beach is characterized by the presence of rocks that rise above the water, giving the idea of ​​a shoal. The sea is crystalline and right near the rocks it becomes even clearer, creating a play of reflections.
The area is served by bars and restaurants, but if you want to enjoy peace and quiet there are small beaches that can be reached with a pleasant walk along the seafront.

The most famous beaches are: the “beach of the lighthouse” near the lighthouse in the town square and the “beach of Montalbano“, a famous place for lovers of the fiction of the most famous Commissioner in Italy.

It is a very relaxing place and, although rich in tourism, it remains in tune with the surrounding nature.

The home of “Commissario Montalbano”

The director of the events of Commissioner Montalbano wanted to set the stories in this area of ​​Sicily and, in particular, the home of the protagonist of Camilleri’s stories is just a villa overlooking the sea of ​​”Vigata” or Punta Secca.

This is located in the square of the tower, easily recognizable from the outside, which attracts many tourists who love the TV series who go, if only to take a photo, in front of that terrace from which Montalbano admires the sunrise, organizes dinners and discusses his investigations.

The village is attractive for all fans who can walk through the same streets that are the setting for most of the Commissario’s stories and reach, in a few minutes, the other locality that has become famous thanks to fiction, namely Scicli, a recognized city heritage of humanity by UNESCO

What to see in Punta Secca

Location made famous thanks to the TV series, Punta Secca is a small fishing village, uncontaminated and stopped in time, in the province of Ragusa.

The main attraction is undoubtedly the villa of Montalbano, now used as a bed and breakfast called “La casa di Montalbano”, as well as the restaurant “Enzo a Mare” where the protagonist often finds himself meditating in front of tasty fish dishes. local.

Dominating the small port of the village is the famouslighthouse of Punta Secca, another monument immortalized in TV fiction, dedicated to the Madonna di Portosalvo to whom the pretty little church in the square is also dedicated.

If you spend your holidays at the beginning of September, don’t miss the fabulous sunset of Punta Secca: the sun sets perpendicularly to the lighthouse in the square, creating an overlapping game that many call a lollipop effect !!!

If you want to discover the traces of a late ancient city, walking along the coast towards Casuzze, there is the Archaeological Park of Caucana: you can observe the remains of this city and also of a small church with three naves. With the beautiful and evocative sunsets that the landscape colors it is a really nice little place, not to be missed!

Holiday homes in Punta Secca

If you want to immerse yourself and fully experience the locations of the Commissioner or simply discover and admire a place of rare beauty, Centosicilie can offer you various structures in which to stay for your holidays.

In the nearby Marina di Ragusa we have further accommodations suitable for any need