The city of Palermo is an ideal tourist destination, because it can satisfy the various needs of visitors. In addition to hosting important historical and artistic monuments, the Sicilian capital boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. A series of different locations, but united by the beauty of the sea and the beaches themselves. Let’s find out which are the most important.

Cefalù Beach

It is one of the most significant seaside resorts on the island, boasting a historic center that deserves to be visited and being surrounded by wonderful waters. Its beaches are different from each other, thus being able to welcome visitors with different tastes.

The beach of Castel di Tusa, for example, is made up of pebbles and rocks and has extremely crystalline water.

The San Ambrogio beach, on the other hand, is a mixture of water and pebbles, while that of Caldura has the particularity of its total immersion in nature.

Finally, the beach of Mazzaforno is sandy and well equipped for families with children.

Mondello Beach

A short distance from Palermo, it is a must for those who decide to spend a few days in the Sicilian capital. With its white sand and crystal clear water, Mondello beach is not only one of the best stretches of coast on the island, but also a point that allows you to observe a breathtaking view. From a distance you can in fact admire rocky promontories spotted with vegetation.

Balestrate Beach

It is a small town near Palermo, which rises on the Gulf of Castellammare. In addition to having an important historical value, it boasts two beautiful beaches, which extend as far as Castellammare del Golfo and which are largely organized by important bathing establishments.

Capaci Beach

A village about 20 km from Palermo, which has become famous for very different reasons. In addition to being the place where Giovanni Falcone tragically died, it is also famous for its beautiful beaches.

The water that bathes this resort – with its golden beach – reaches all shades of blue depending on the depth of the seabed, giving tourists interesting ideas for taking spectacular photos. It is a very attractive place for young people, having a great nightlife between discos and clubs that organize aperitifs.

Altavilla Milicia Beach

So called because it is located close to the homonymous town, it is a stretch of coast definitely worth seeing. In addition to the large number of bathing establishments it hosts, it is surrounded by promontories full of vegetation that make this area even more beautiful.

The water at this point is blue and extremely clean and, south of the beach, there are a couple of rocky coves that are ideal for those visitors who want to stay in peace.

Ficarazzi Beach

It rises a few kilometers south of Palermo and can be considered one of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches in the whole of Sicily. A resort with golden sand, with an equally sandy and soft seabed and which is the ideal destination for those looking for a bit of tranquility.

It is in fact an area not excessively full of bathing facilities like others in the vicinity.

Lascari Beach

This is a small village in the province of Palermo which is home to the beautiful Church of San Michele Arcangelo and which is surrounded by beautiful beaches.

The beauty of this area lies in its still being a bit wild, not having large crowds that populate it even in high season. A fact that, however, should not be misleading about the quality of this location, with its calm and beautiful sea and beaches made up of sand and pebbles.

Pollina Beach

Located 11 kilometers from Cefalù, it is a coastline that leaves visitors speechless. Walking along the shoreline and being bathed by the crystalline waters of this area, it is possible to admire splendid hilly and mountainous landscapes from the opposite side of the sea.

The water in this area is transparent and warm and is one of the most popular places for tourists for diving and snorkeling. The most famous beach among those of Pollina is Torre Conca, but also Santa Maria and Costa Turchina are no less.

Santa Flavia Beach

It is a spectacular rocky beach, which plunges into a sea of ​​transparent waters. A place where many ships dock, to enjoy an area of ​​the island considered among the best treasures of Sicily. Near this beach there is the Secca delle Formiche, an ideal area for diving enthusiasts who want to admire the Mediterranean seabed.

Sferracavallo Beach

The Sferracavallo area has beautiful beaches, as well as restaurants where you can eat high quality fish. It is an area frequented by the local community and which, for this reason, has retained its simplicity over the years.

The beaches of Sferracavallo are rocky in nature and the two most important are the Coral Bay (with the aquatic plant called Posidonia that paints the water with its colors) and the Spiaggia delle Vergini (very secluded and often frequented by nudists).