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Discovering Mazara del Vallo
On your tour of Sicily, would you like to immerse yourself fully in its history, touching the people who have stayed on the island over the centuries? Mazara del Vallo is the right place for you. [...]
Favignana Island: breathtaking landscapes and beaches
During a stay in Sicily, in addition to admiring all the beauties of the island, it is also interesting to sport in the nearby archipelago of the Egadi Islands. The most important is that of [...]
Egadi Islands: Guide of the Trapani archipelago
The province of Trapani includes the Egadi Islands, an archipelago located 7 kilometers from the west coast of Sicily between Trapani and Marsala. It includes three islands (Favignana, Marettimo [...]
Erice: The town founded by the Trojans
3679 / 5000 Risultati della traduzione Among the beauties that can be admired in the surroundings of Trapani there is also Erice, a Trapani municipality that stands on the mountain of the same [...]
Castellammare del Golfo: The seaside village among the most beautiful in Italy
Castellammare del Golfo is certainly one of the interesting places to visit during a stay in Trapani.. It is one of the most famous villages in Italy, in which history and nature intertwine in a [...]
San Vito lo Capo: Beaches, what to do and where to eat
Sicily is full of characteristic places, where naturalistic beauty blends with history and tradition. Among the most famous places is San Vito lo Capo, a town in Trapani that attracts millions of [...]
Marsala: “The city that looks to Libya”
The Trapani area offers an extraordinary mix of history, culture and naturalistic beauties. An example is Marsala, a town in Trapani very popular with tourists for the possibilities it offers in [...]
The 10 main monuments of Trapani
On a hypothetical trip to Sicily, Trapani is certainly a must. It is a city famous for the beauty of the sea it overlooks, for the nature that surrounds it and also for the importance of the [...]
Trapani: popular destination for summer holidays
Among the Sicilian cities that deserve to be visited there is certainly Trapani, a historic commercial port that also contains history, art and naturalistic beauties. Let’s find out in more [...]
The most famous beaches in the province of Palermo
The city of Palermo is an ideal tourist destination, because it can satisfy the various needs of visitors. In addition to hosting important historical and artistic monuments, the Sicilian capital [...]
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