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March 5, 2022

The most beautiful beaches of Messina

The city of Messina offers great historical, artistic and naturalistic possibilities. In short, an interesting destination for all tastes, which among its peculiarities offers a series of beaches both near the city and in its province (which also includes the nearby islands). A variety of coasts, both in terms of surface and surrounding environment, which contributes to making this city – and the area that surrounds it – an obligatory stop for those who have decided to take a tour of Sicily. San Gregorio Speaking of the most beautiful beaches in Messina and its surroundings, one cannot but start from that of San Gregorio in Capo d’Orlando (a town in the province of Messina). A beach so beautiful that it inspired the famous singer-songwriter Gino Paoli for the song “flavor of salt”, released in 1963. The coast is made up of small inlets, with light sand, gravel and pebbles. The turquoise sea that bathes it contributes to making the show absolutely breathtaking.

Testa di Monaco

San Gregorio is not the only beach near Capo d’Orlando that deserves to be visited. Among the noteworthy coasts there is also that of Testa di Monaco, located between the homonymous town and that of Brolo. Furthermore, it is under a promontory of rocks with two beautiful natural coves. The beach is very long, sandy and surrounded by lush vegetation dominated by citrus groves and the Mediterranean scrub. Leaving the car near Capo d’Orlando, it can be reached via a path surrounded by nature. It is bathed in blue and clear water and is, for most of its surface, free.


The aforementioned village of Brolo, located 9 kilometers from Capo d’Orlando, also has “its” beach as well as being one of the two points that borders that of Testa di Monaco. The golden sand and the blue sea make this stretch of coast very interesting. It is also equipped with every type of service, which makes this location ideal for a relaxing and comfortable holiday. Behind it is the city promenade, where you can take a nice walk or stop to eat in one of the bars present.

Capo Calavà

Belonging to the Messina municipality of Gioiosa Marea, the beach of Capo Calavà is set in
an inlet and protected by two rocky heads. Unlike many other coasts of Messina, instead of the
sand “proposes” the gravel. An ideal destination for tourists who love adventure and who are equipped with
adequate equipment, since to reach it you have to go down slopes that are not exactly regular.


In the municipality of Patti there is the Marinello beach, a coastline between Tindari and Capo Milazzo, which extends for about 2 kilometers. The peculiarity of this beach is that in its extension marine ponds are formed, created by thin tongues of white sand. A sort of salt water mirrors, which make the coast very characteristic. A very beautiful area, therefore, to the point that it has been declared an Oriented Nature Reserve.

Capo Alì

At 25 kilometers from both Messina and Taormina is the beach of Capo Alì. A very long stretch of coastline made up of pebbles, which is particular due to the presence of smooth rocks in the sea that bathes it. An invitation to swim, to experience the clarity of the water without the obstacle of sharp rocks.


The province of Messina also includes the Aeolian Islands: a real spectacle on a naturalistic level. Among the most beautiful beaches of the archipelago is that of Pollara, located at the northwestern end of the island of Salina. It is located within an inlet of volcanic origin, bordered by a cliff overlooking the sea. An evocative place, which, not by chance, was chosen to shoot Massimo Troisi’s film “Il Postino” in 1994.

Valle Muria

Also in the Aeolian Islands, and specifically in Lipari, there is the Valle Muria beach. A long and narrow stretch of coast, “protected” by two rocky promontories and characterized by the presence of small caves. A very interesting scenario, to which the island of Vulcano is added to the horizon.


Lipari also offers the Bianca beach, whose name derives from the presence on the seabed of pumice (magmatic rock that made the seabed very white). Wide and easy to reach, many people consider it the most beautiful beach on Lipari.


The other components of the Aeolian Islands also offer interesting beaches, which therefore deserve to be visited. The island of Stromboli, for example, has the Lunga beach among its excellences, which from the town of Piscità extends along its entire length on the northern side of the island. A beautiful and unspoiled stretch of coast, which attracts the attention of young people and naturists. It is also popular with surfers, as it is bathed by a thick and happy sea.

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