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Marina di Ragusa: what to do, where to sleep, how to have fun

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October 4, 2019

Marina di Ragusa: what to do, where to sleep, how to have fun

On the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, in eastern Sicily, stands Marina di Ragusa, formerly known as Mazzarelli (from the Arab Marsa A ‘Rillah, meaning small landing place). It was, in fact, considered a safe harbor for all the boats that brought from Sicily to Malta and for those destined to export what was produced in the hinterland.

Marina di Ragusa, born as a village of fishermen and traders, is today one of the most popular seaside resorts in the Val di Noto thanks to the beauty and hospitality of the village, the sandy beaches and the strategic position that have contributed to making this locality a destination highly sought after by many Italian and especially foreign tourists.

Walking through the streets of the village you can admire the ancient Torre Cabrera, built in the 16th century for defensive purposes, located on the south side of Piazza Duca degli Abruzzi and overlooking the Lungomare Andrea Doria.

Alongside the tower was the old port, where Piazza della Dogana stands today. Continuing along the course you will arrive at the current new and elegant tourist port.

The port offers, thanks to the atmosphere created by the lights at sunset, an excellent alternative to spend a romantic evening with your partner, or with your family, in total relaxation.

Beaches of Marina di Ragusa

If you are a lover of long walks in the water or if you want your children to have fun on the beach, Marina di Ragusa is what you are looking for.

Acoast that extends for about 2 kmand offers you the spectacle of a clear sea, awarded several times the Blue Flag which certifies its cleanliness and beauty, and a very fine and golden sand.

Shallow and sandy seabed, ideal for the little ones who can play and have fun in peace and allow parents to relax under the warm Sicilian sun.

As in the rest of Sicily, even on these coasts there are some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, which satisfy everyone’s needs: there are equipped beaches and hidden coves in ancient fishing villages.

Despite the growing tourist development, the beaches of Marina di Ragusa are protected and still retain that naturalistic and uncontaminated charm.

How to spend your holidays in Marina di Ragusa

Of course you know, when you organize a holiday you always try to combine relaxation and fun, and Marina di Ragusareally offers many alternatives.

The nightlife of this location attracts the youngest, in fact there are many clubs that alternate along the seafront, giving the opportunity to have fun and dance until dawn. There are many discos and lounge bars nearby which organize themed evenings to brighten your holidays.

But also for families, it is an ideal location: on the Andrea Doria promenade various kinds of events are organized and in the evening it is enriched with various types of stalls that attract passers-by of all ages.

If you are spending mid-August in that of Marina you cannot miss the festival of Santa Maria di Portosalvo which takes place on August 15th. Religion and folklore are mixed with a procession to the sea and a game called “Gioco del Palo”, born as a fishermen’s festival as the Madonna di Portosalvo was the savior of a castaway during a storm, and is very much felt by all Ragusans and not only. If, on the other hand, you are spending your holidays in September, don’t miss the Farewell to Summer party, an event full of sport, culture, food and traditions, to greet the summer season.

Clubs for the youngest (discos in Marina di Ragusa)

For those who love nightlife, in the center there are beach bars, lounge bars, beach clubs and pubs that organize happy hours, evenings and events with live music and DJ sets. You can spend your evenings in one of the many waterfront chalets that allow you to have fun and dance on the beach until late at night such as the Baja, La Ola, or the Margarita.

Instead in Via Tindari you can enjoy wonderful cocktails in the Tin Pub & Cocktail Bar which is located one step away from the sea and is the place suitable for all occasions in fact it offers Fresh Lunch service in the morning and cocktails in the evening.

If you are a lover of the dance floor you cannot miss the Koala Maxi, a disco about 7 km from Marina di Ragusa (Santa Croce Camerina) or the Kama Music Maison, in the locality of Scoglitti. The area offers numerous opportunities for entertainment thanks to its lively and well-organized nightlife.

Holiday homes in Marina di Ragusa

Whether you travel as a couple, with friends or family, for a weekend or a holiday of several weeks, Marina di Ragusa really offers many accommodation solutions to meet the needs of every single tourist and traveler.

If you have not yet decided on your next destination, Marina di Ragusa can really be for you. A unique place to spend any type of “holiday”. Relaxation, culture, sea and fun await you here, in this spectacular location in the Val di Noto.

If you need more information, or want to know more about holiday homes in Marina di Ragusa, you can contact us through whatsapp. We will be happy to provide you with all the information you want.