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Cento Sicilie

Discover how to spend your holidays in the beautiful locations of South Eastern Sicily.

Today is increasingly difficult to find a place, a role, and above all a job. I decided to cultivate my passion for tourism, cultures and everything related to the beauties that our country offers.

This passion was born a few years ago, when I enrolled in the course of Geographical Sciences of Tourism at the Sapienza University of Rome. During these years of study I participated in two projects: the first, the “Leonardo” project during which I lived in Seville, the other project was an Erasmus in Seville. 

After graduation, a lover of my homeland, Basilicata, but always driven by my interest in discovering new places, I left for Australia and, curious to learn about Oceania, this distant continent, I moved to Nuova Zealand. My desire to travel and discover led me to Germany for a few years, where I worked in a renowned hotel and, having traveled throughout most of Europe (and beyond), I met so many places and so many cultures I decided to return home to work in my country and pursue my passion in an ideal place where I can fulfill my desire to create a tourism project: Sicily.

Sicily, a land of a thousand shades, of colors, flavors and historical / cultural beauties, is a starting point for a tourism project, chosen with the knowledge that it will always be a tourist destination for travelers, for those who love the sea, for those who love culture and why not … for those who love the Mediterranean climate and the kitchen that this land offers.

I started from South Eastern Sicily, in the Val di Noto, a land rich in Baroque beauty, with some reference to the landscape, to neighboring Africa, and I identified the most evocative places to offer tourists the chance to spend an unforgettable holiday, in different structures, adapted to the needs of each one of the sea, of fun and the discovery of suggestive places.

An ideal holiday that combines relaxation with naturalistic, cultural and food and wine tours.

It was not easy to make this decision, leave Germany to return to Italy and face a completely new path, with so many difficulties, but the desire to help my country grow, the desire to do something different and to serve people who , like me, loves to travel, they meant that I abandoned my fears and gave birth to Cento Sicilie. Hospitality, fun and discoveries of fabulous places are waiting for you! Discover our villas and holiday homes in South Eastern Sicily.

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Holiday Homes
Holiday homes and beautiful apartaments in Val Di Noto, Sicily
Spacious and luxuriant villas in Val di Noto, Sicily